About The Film

‘Seychelles from the Air’ was filmed with a camera drone.

“We have previously filmed from helicopters and planes, but never have we experienced such image stability and maneuverability as we have with a drone”, says Werner Schulz who pilots the drone.

The film starts in Victoria, the capital of the Seychelles, situated on Mahé, the Seychelles’ main island. Images of other parts of the island follow, separated by short animated island map shots. The islands of Praslin and La Digue are also showcased.

Preferred scenes are towns and villages, beaches, coastlines, hotels, people and what they do, remote places (usually not accessible), nature scenes and much more. 50 minutes of brilliant, colourful images.

The film has no narrative. The images are self-explanatory and are supported by simple captions indicating the respective locations. A movie-style sound track puts the viewer into the right mood and complements the images perfectly.

The film is ‘international’ – for ALL the people of the Earth – no matter what language they might call their mother tongue. In order to emphasise this fact there is a short, spoken introduction. This introduction unites all the people who listen to it, because no one understands it. No one – other than the seven year-old boy who composed it in his very own language. A language he calls ‘Company’.

We hope you enjoy the film!

This film can be purchased on DVD, on full HD USB flash drive, or as a download in various pixel and file sizes.

About Us

Werner and Doris Schulz have been living in the Seychelles for over 40 years.
Their original occupation, running a boat charter operation for SCUBA divers and anglers, took them all over the Seychelles Archipelago. There are not many people who know the Seychelles better than they do.
Their media activities began with underwater photography and filming and led them to various projects including:

  • – Photographic articles in magazines.
  • – Contributions to the movie ‘Return to Eden’ with Omar Sharif.
  • – The 2008 Seychelles official video ‘Seychelles – another world’ which also won an international award.
  • – ‘Footprints’, an environmental film presently running on Air Seychelles flights.
  • – ‘Seychelles on the Way to Sustainability’, presently running on Air Seychelles flights.
  • – ‘Paradise in Blue’, an underwater film.
  • – ‘Seychelles on DVD’, a film about the Seychelles.
  • – Numerous music videos and television commercials.
  • – The production of the film ‘Between Two Waters’ to present Seychelles Architecture at the 2016 Bienniale in Venice, Italy.

‘Seychelles from the Air’ is the result of over twelve months of work, as only the most suitable sea and weather conditions were chosen to complete the film.

Werner and Doris Schulz drive a yellow beach Buggy and live in a wooden house at the top of a hill. Doris is an excellent cook, and Werner is a keen wave skier.


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